Heartwood Recovery believes that workplace injuries, especially psychological injury, requires specialised skills in the area of diagnosis and management and a thorough understanding of the Workcover system.

Heartwood Recovery provides specialist Treating Doctor (NTD) Services in the clinical assessment, treatment and ongoing management of:    •  PTSD  •  Depression and Anxiety  •  Workplace Trauma  •

  •  Initial and ongoing, Workcover approved, medical consultations

  • Issue Workcover Certificate of Capacity

  • Identify and manage the concerns of employees, employers, insurers and case managers competently and fairly

  • Recommend treatment strategies

  • Develop and monitor treatment goals

  • Write medical reports

  • Facilitate Case Conferences with stakeholders

  • Liaise with treating surgeons

  • Engage the injured worker to return to work in a medically sound and as part of a compassionate
    and managed process. 



Heartwood recognises that not all patients are able to easily attend standard medical appointments after a psychological injury. Our practice is based in Newcastle NSW however, we provide flexible options to clients by offering some home visits locally and Telehealth to those in other regions of NSW. Telehealth requires a computer, laptop or tablet with adequate internet connection. Telehealth offers the same benefits of a clinical session with the added the convenience of being in your own home.

Heartwood provides opportunities for partners or other support members to attend appointments. Please feel free to discuss this option as our experience has shown that partner education and involvement improves the process of recovery.

Patient Focussed

Heartwood takes a patient centred and prolonged approach to consults in order to fully understand and assess workers’ concerns. We take the time to explain wherever possible the likely treatment approach and suggest a plan towards treatment goals. The roles and opinions of the family and partner are greatly valued, and consults are often devoted to their involvement.


We recognise that injured workers are often perplexed by the large number of decisions they must make around their care - especially in the early stages after a new diagnosis. A fundamental ethic at Heartwood Recovery is to respect the patient’s right to make their own decisions.

Case Conferencing

Heartwood is committed to your recovery. We recognise that injured workers and their clinical team need to be on the “same page” and that case conferencing between all the stakeholders is the gold standard for achieving this. This process can facilitate the patient’s decision-making and progress, it is not intended to be an adversarial process. Case conferences are booked well ahead of time and at the patient’s convenience.

Recover at Work

Heartwood values the idea that work is protective of people’s mental health and that returning to work is therefore an integral approach to their recovery. We strongly believe that this process needs to be an entirely collaborative and respectful one and no decisions are made without the agreement of the injured worker and their clinical team. Wherever possible Heartwood Recovery seeks to promote wellbeing and recovery within the constraints of the Workcover process.


Heartwood is extremely fortunate to enjoy collaborative relationships with highly experienced:

  • Return to Work Coordinators with a wide range of clinical backgrounds such as psychology,
    occupational therapy and nursing.

  • Anaesthetists specialising in chronic pain.

  • Psychiatrists who are both psychotherapeutic and pharmaco-therapeutic.

  • Psychologists who are highly skilled and qualified in trauma focused therapies such as EMDR.

  • Surgeons who specialise in foot and ankle and in hand and wrist surgery and will review patients
    within 24 hours of presentation.

  • Solicitors who are highly experienced in the field of Workplace injury and who share a collaborative
    and objective approach to recovery within the Workcover system.


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